Intro to the Oguls

bobburdmap2The purpose of this website is to document the Tahoe Ogul Peak List, describe it’s origin, and recognize people who have climbed some or all of the peaks on the list.

Ogul” is the Washoe Indian word for the bighorn sheep.  “Tahoe” is derived from a Washoe word for “the Lake”.

The Tahoe Ogul Peaks are a set of 63 mountain peaks around the Lake Tahoe basin.  The peaks range in difficulty from ones that are easy “walk ups” to ones that require basic mountaineering skills. is a free web site that lists the Tahoe Oguls, sets emblem requirements for climbing a significant number of peaks on this list, and recognizes individuals who have earned an emblem along with the few who have climbed all peaks on this list.

Warning: Hiking and climbing are inherently risky activities.  You do it at your own risk.  Conditions do change, and some information given here is subjective. The Western States Climbers do not accept responsibility for outdated or incorrect information. Please help future climbers by sending corrections to the WSC Executive Committee.

The image at the top of the page is a panorama of Lake Tahoe from Snow Valley Peak.